Bankroll Grind It Out

Deposited $50 onto Pokerstars. The goal is to grind that into a 10k bankroll and supernova by August 2016. Rules: I can play Nl2 6max at any Bankroll Level. I can play at most 2 tables of any cash level i have 20-30 buy-ins for. I can play any number of tables at a cash table i have 30+ buy-ins for I can only play a mtt that i have 50+ buy-ins for. All FPPs earned will be saved. All Rewards/challenges/bonuses will go directly to bankroll Goals and Rules will be re-assessed at 1k 3k and 6k I will be updating this challenge frequently and on my youtube page:) Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K492zrLwoBo

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