Challenge from Micro to High Stakes

Here we go guys! 5 days of Grind (6-max only) 1 day of Rest 1 day of Tournament (not included in the challenge) BKR : 80€ BKR management : nl5 = 16bi nl10 = 20bi nl20 = 20bi nl30 = 20bi nl50 = 25bi nl100 = 30bi nl200 = 40bi nl400 = 50bi nl1000 = 50bi Commit myself to : - Move up for the next limit as described in bkr management or move down in case I reach the lower threshold. - Allows myself some shot without auto-rebuy everytime I'm at 2-3bi from the next limit. - Playing an "A-Game" or being "In The Zone" is more important than the volume so I'll only play if one of these two requirement are full filled. Meaning the volume of the grind will vary. - Post the on-going graph everyday at the end of my session with comment if inspired. - Post hands where I think I did Strategic or Mental mistakes. Wish me luck guys as I never did such a thing lol GL at the tables.

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