Finally became at least Platinum star? :)

It´s been a long long time when i started to play poker, but u know at first it was only about friends, fun, killing free time etc., but i think that now it´s time to turn a page and start to make something BIG. For somebody BIG means thousands of dollars, fame, titles and so on, but i am just humble boy from little vilage so all that have time, i think. Of course being o poker PRO is my biggest dream in my life and i will be fighting to achieve that all the time but i realize that slower road can be better sometimes. So in fact that until now my biggest online achievements have just two digits and my biggest live winning cashes were max 300€, i decide to focus more and more and more time on playing online and also learning so much :) I want to start from the bottom (Now we´re here Yeah! :D) with roll just about 150$ and i want to beat micro limits, at first i will start at 1,5$ and than we will see :) maybe i will loose and thats it, you never know until you try it :) so my plans for 2014 are: 1.at first be successful at university, that is so important (but mainly for my parents :P) 2.buy some poker SW - HEM or PT, we will see 3.start to grind at 1,5$SnG - i think that HT-9man but i must really decide all alternatives 4.be succesfull at micro limits and slowly climb the ladder :) and my goals 1.achieve at least silver/gold star every month 2.if it will really works than maybe(?supernova?), but that is in the stars 3.play also some bigger live tournaments, in Bratislava or maybe some ČPT in Czech Republic 4.earn enough money for new PC, family holiday, and for some amazing foreign trips with my girl :) So i hope that God of Cards will be with me and with all you with achieving your goals :) Cross the finger, see ya at tables ;) GL everybody
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