Go from 'obese' to 'overweight' category.

I was very fit during my first years of uni, however being in a stable relationship of 5 years, the sedentary poker lifestyle and my love of food has made me 20kgs over my 65-68kg ideal weight which I know I have to lose at some point. I have stumbled upon this fantastic iPhone app called 'FitStar' and am currently doing the 'Get Lean' program and am quite impressed with the contents. I have also recently bought a basketball stand set so I can just go shoot some hoops regularly to get more active. Instead of saying I want to have a BIGG ambitious 20kg weightloss goal which won't last 1 week, I'm going to try and do it in smaller 'steps'. -Lose 8kgs to reach the overweight category of 78kgs and then go from there. I also plan to try and cook more for me and my partner during the working week so I know what I'm putting into our meals.

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