Kanabals Bankroll Challenge

So I woke up today fresh and ready to hit the Sunday grind hard. Some people may know from my past posts that I am staked currently and have moved all my action exclusively to ipoker for the forseeable future due to the easier games and rakeback deal that I have. Something however is missing. I miss the Sunday grind on stars with the hopes and dreams of making 10k on a single final table. Having these thoughts made me log into stars and to my surprise found 600 stars coins. Naturally I bought some $1 spin n go tickets and scooped a 6x so for now i have $6 + 5 $0.55 tickets bought with the remaining coins. So what am I to do with this new found richness? well grind it up of course! I will be playing micro tournies on stars alongside my ipoker grind and will be tracking my progress or quick demise. Hopefully I will try to update weekly so let us see if bankroll challenges can ever be successful. With 15 or so buy ins I highly doubt it! Long term goal is to practice as tight BR management as I can as my roll increases and of course scoop the Sunday million by May of next year! Lets do it!!!

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