Merge 6 Max HT

Living in the United States makes it tough for online poker. We have to play on lesser known sites and have trouble filling the games we are profitable in. I know that I can make a profit and do quite well in the 6 Max Reg and Turbo speed games and also cash games. But I have become tired of SnG's that last 45 min's +/- to complete. Merge recently removed their 400NL and 600NL 9 man cash game tables. Also, I have played poker since 2003 and have seen the amazing progression poker has made and I know that HT's whether HU or 6 Max are by far the largest profit games purely on volume + rakeback and usually a small +ROI. I have been studying up over the years on push/fold strategies and have had some success in a small sample size. Therefore, I have withdrawn my bankroll on Merge down to $222.75. I am going to start out playing the $1.10 6 Max Hyper Turbos and only move up when I feel comfortably in the 100-120 BI range for the next level. I know I have roughly 200 BI starting bankroll but this will give me an extra cushion in the beginning. I will only move down in levels when I have reached the 100 BI mark for the level below. I will start off playing only 4 tables at a time and see how comfortable I am before adding more (I consistently play 6-12 6 Max turbos currently). I have reset my sharkscope SN and will only be playing these games. I am not sure how many games I will be able to get in weekly because I have an actual career that already makes me 80k a year but I love poker and the extra money it brings me. My best guess is I will be able to get in somewhere around 400 tourneys a week to start but we shall see if I can get more in (which I think I can and this is a lowest expected estimate). Everything made through SnG leaderboard, Tourney tickets won, and points to cash will be added into my total bankroll. I will only quit this challenge if I run so poorly that I have only a $50 bankroll left. My goal is to reach the 33's by the end of the year and be consistently grinding 8-10 tables at a time. I will most likely be unable to table select because games are so difficult to fill, also I will most likely be forced to play multiple buy in levels at that point being registered for 11's, 22's, and 33's but we shall see. Hopefully, this challenge will be successful! See you at the tables! Seth Thompson maniaman23 (Merge Network)
Merge 6 Max HT $1.10's to $33's
To turn $222.75 bankroll into $3300

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