Micro MTT Marathon on Pokerstars

Open Pokerstars, Tourney Tab, Regular, Micro... Tourney Filter, untick Min & Max Buy-in, Untick FPP & Play Money, untick Hyper, untick Euro, British Pounds & Canadian Dollars, untick Rebuy, Re-Entry, n-Stack, Satellite, Sit & Go & Zoom, untick 2 (1-on1) & untick Show replays... Then starting at 9am UK time on Saturday 4th October, register and play ALL tournies - registering for the last time in the final tourney before 9am on the Sunday... Play all to a finish, while making a profit and more than 15% ITM... I'll be attempting this challenge - Maybe some of you would like to join me for it, and we can make it a bit of a competition :)

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