One millions cash hands by the end of year + profit + tilt!

When this year starts i was dreaming playing nl100 by the end but when pll make plans the universe laughs...So am here and amost without roll,still gringing nanos and its sick cos didnt had any basically losing month at all, for last 20 months or so at ring plus mtts/sng tabes. Last few weeks i played under burn out mode,mostly tilting poker maybe my c game and being unhappy overal with poker and my real life. Made some rude post at forum and general being angry without any real reason.When someone talk like an idiot two things are possible,he is an idiot or he is unhappy,i thought that being part of that huge poker community i will be make friends that we will be not stay only on poker,but i was wrong. Poker its a game!!! Its awesome make some good money but at the end its just a game,pll need to be happy play a game,we have to be love games to play poker,no matter what games. None from my boxing gym can seat down and play 16 hours Age of mythology or football manager or LOL or whatever,but most of the guys that playing poker can easy play every day 12 hours any "stupid" game,just cos its so fun do that. I miss the time that me and my friends play international socccer pro literally all day,so why thats so fun?Why playing vs others its fun and playing vs computer its boring? Imo cos competition fact,you cant have a good sleep when someone flirting with your gf when she is at work.You have to do something cos if you will not then he will "beat" you on this game and the price its your gf.Even if you are not in love with her anymore you dont want this happen,cos this will be a defeat! My point is that being better that someone esle at poker have more value than the money you will win after that,maybe you say "i just wana make more $$ than you,and i dont care being better" but maybe you just cant recognize the true value behind making more money than someone else.This is the reason why 80% of the regs playing poker prob higher than they should,and everybody,i mean EVERYBODY have the illusion that they are better than they actually are. In my opinion people MUST stop thinking with the way that we lean at school,school kill our imagination and religion make as weak!Stop belive that something good or bad or whatever just cos someone else told you,you have a brain so use it! In my real life a lot of my close "friends" told to me that am egoist and i allways answer that this is the bigger compliment that i ever heard,why people think that being egoist its bad?Cos you will go in hell or something?How its a bad thing when i wake up at morning,looking the mirron and say to myself, "You are the bigger egoist in the world,and i love you!" How? It can bring you a lot of problems,but that will be yours problems and you will be love that problems as well,when i was kid at school i remember that one day we talk about girls and one kid was in love with "the most beautiful girl" in school,he wana go and talk with her but he didnt cos he said that she will be reject him just cos our class was one class smaller and we are kinda noobs.And the other kids looks like all agree with that and i was so angry,how you can believe that?This kind of people when brow up they try and find some other ways to believe the same model,they say that women want guys with nice cars or a lot of money etc.I was dating allways with the hottest girls all the time,never had money or fancy cars.Think out of the box,there is no path for the truth.Cos truth its not stationary,its not here or there.Truth moving all the time,there is no map or a guru that can show you anything. About poker now,as i told you this is my month and its very bad.I have ~100$ roll and i will start a giga challenge.I will play a million hands by the end of this year and i will try make some roll for live poker.So within ~75 days hero will be play 15k hands per day with few breaks and i will show to my self and you that you can beat tilt and burn out without take any break instead,play much more and much more agressive. Thread will be updating every day with results and i will make ~3k $.Thank you reading and stay with me.

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