photo ChaseThislight: Student and SNG player grinding to make ends meet.


I was super super down about poker at the start of February.

I'd just had my exams, and I didnt know how I felt about my performance in them, and culminating with the fact that I'd lost my first bullet of the year, it seriously sucked.

At the beginning of the month, I went to Budapest, Hungary with my girlfriend!  We always try and go away at the beginning of the new year, partly for the morale boost and partly to get out of the exam and deadline funk studying gets you in.

The trip was really cool! Having a great time is really not too expensive there and the food was top notch.

The hotel we stayed at had a spa and wellness center, which really allowed me to get myself away from all the negativity going on in my head!

I returned home feeling revitalized and thinking of where to go and what to do pokerwise. I mean, this wasn't the first time I've lost my roll, but it's never ever a nice experience, no matter how many times you do it.

I got a text message from a eurosite I occasionally play live sat's on saying they had a returning player deposit bonus going, so I thought about it and ended up putting about $80 on there. I used to sometimes play DON's on there, but the rake was like 10% per sng, so I was always reluctant to place a tonne of my volume there.

I started browsing the sharkscope leaderboards and noticed that the winning players were all really HU players of different buy ins and speeds, so I thought I'd fire up a few and give them a shot. I'd never really played HU before, but it was something that I'd wanted to look into.

So I played 100 or so games watched a couple of training vids and basically spent the month grinding HU HYPERS.


Alongside a small mtt run good, I managed to maintain a 4.1% roi over 1004 games ranging between the £5 and £20 buy in levels.
I was so pleased to get into the green for the year, in fact the only problem with poker in February was the amount of rake that I ended up paying. For HU HYPERS the rake is set at 5%, compared to roughly 2% on stars. This 3% per game increase has a huge huge huge effect of your ROI, something I'll go into more detail on in a later blog.
In other news, as well as a successful poker and travel month, I also managed to pretty much nail my exams! I averaged 70.35 over 6 modules for semester 1 of my final year! So I'm super pumped to see if I can average over 70 again this semester and ship that 1st class honors degree my way!
GLGL xoxo
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