January grind

 photo ChaseThislight: Student and SNG player grinding to make ends meet.

Day One

After waking up from my last shift of bar tending with a #6 on the hangover scale, I got down to the grind. (Long bath and bacon happened first obviously)

Over the past few weeks I have been playing around with my current setup. I run a MacBook Pro 13inch alongside either a 27 or a 19 inch monitor depending on my location.

Previously I have cascaded tables on only one monitor, and played blocks of 5 sng. The problem with this is that you massively limit the amount of volume you can get out of a session. In order to maximize volume, I am now stacking 8-10 tables on the larger monitor (currently comfortable with 8) and having the lobby open on the smaller screen. This way during my sessions I constantly have a set number of tables open. I didn't like the idea of stacking initially, but alongside the ps last hand viewer, I find that stacking both maximizes vol and limits tilt. I've also started using the ps hockey's for set actions which is really really helping me keep up with the pace of 8 tables.

So onto January. Unfortunately, I do not have as bigger bank roll to start the month as I had planned. I planned on starting with 30bi @ $15 = $450. Actually I have had to start with 25bi @ $7 = $175. Shitty but had to be done. This will make the first month even harder, given that I really wanted to hit platinum star before the end of month 1.

Day 1


No games: 50

Time played: 3.92 hours

Profit: $118.48

Roi: 33.8%

Vpp's earned:143

Overall today I was very happy with my play. I would have kept going for another hour or so, but I was pretty tired after a late night yesterday. I finished ITM 50% of the time, and 15/50 in 3rd on the bubble. Obviously I know that this roi will not be maintainable over a year, but it's encouraging to run good on day 1. I think tomorrow I will play 2 x 2.5 hour sessions and try and hit 60 by the end of the day.


GLGL #lightitup

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