photo ChaseThislight: Student and SNG player grinding to make ends meet.

The Sh*t Hit the Fan!

Hey poker world I know my updates have been super sparse but I'm going to work on getting that back on track and up to speed! I really think maintaining an online presence in a field like poker has some huge benefits and you don't get them unless you keep up the pace!

I fucked up.

I was playing 6-max turbo sng's on stars at the beginning of January. 8 tabling and swinging like crazy just were not doing my mental game any favors. January is always a difficult month for my poker grind. Exams and paper deadlines always get in the way for me personally. After a really rough couple of days I came to the conclusion that I should take a week or so off grinding while I have my exams, and just take some time to study poker in between my IRL stuff.

In doing so, I bought a fairly popular e-book and video series from a reputable coach.

Problem: I assumed that this series directly applied to the format I was playing, when actually, I had read wrong.

So instead of seeing which elements of this theory I could apply in practice to my chosen format, I made the rash decision to switch to the format that the book related to, which ultimately ended in me losing both my profit, rake-back and roll that I had on stars at the time. ( I may have skipped over a 6-max hyper binge after a super losing session)

In essence I tilted away my roll after making some stupid decisions and cost my self $300.

Great start to the year!

Stay tuned for February's Redemption!!!

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