The Beginning

 photo ChaseThislight: Student and SNG player grinding to make ends meet.

2013 here we come!


I'm Tom, a 20 year old student living in Manchester, aspiring to make enough money to live from online poker in 2013. I've been playing poker for around 5 years, made a solid profit in 2011, however 2012 has been a swingy, break even year. I found that a lack of structure and random punting in mtt's has cost me massively. That coupled with poor sample sizes and jumping around between stakes and game formats. Consistency did not exist. After playing every sit n go format imaginable; I've decided to commit to 6-max turbo sng between $7-15 stake. I like these games. There are fewer regs than I imagined at these stakes, and the bad players are really really bad.

This coming year is a big year for me. I have enrolled on a Msc program and need to fund the tuition and my rent.



Play at least 300 sng.

Is this goal achievable?

I'm comfortable 8-10 tabling this format. during 1 hour I can get through around 15 sng. Each day will be different depending on my university hours, but I plan on getting in 2 x 2 hour slots per day to hit around 60, leaving myself 1 hangover day per week off. There will be days where I will double my volume etc


Play at least 1250 sng

Is this achievable?

I think provided I get into a daily schedule this can be achievable, however I'm worried that only 4 days away from the table every 28 may not be enough.


The amount of volume I can put in during a month will change, however for the year going for SN on Stars would add around $5k in rakeback to my profit figure. In other words if I hit SN, my rent for the next year would be payed for.

Is this goal achievable?

To do this I would need to average 1408 games @ 15$ per month.
I think this is achievable, however this goal will be re-evaluated as the year goes on.

I'm also aiming to get on the sharkscope leader board for 5-15$$ stakes overall and for 6max turbo.

Is this goal achievable?

If I hit SN, with an ROI pre RB of between 5-10% I will most definitely do this!

Everything will start on January the 1st, where I will be doing daily session updates on Tiltbook, and weekly updates about my play on here.

Bank roll will begin at $280

GLGL for the new year #lightitup

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