The End of March

 photo ChaseThislight: Student and SNG player grinding to make ends meet.


After a month of ups and downs, I can confidently call March a success!!!

My initial worries about moving back to stars were thankfully gone within the first few days. It seems low stakes Hyper HUSNG are pretty fishy to say the least, and when you have IMO the best software online to play with, life 'aint too bad!

The month did contain more than a few mishaps though. I managed to reg 2 $15 games and 1 $30 game unintentionally. I ended up break even over the 3, but after binking the 15's I bricked the 30, after realising I'd got the guy who was ranked no1 at those stakes! Not ideal.

I also had some pretty brutal downswings. Starting the month I had a 30bi roll online, which for the most part was okay, but when you swing 20+ bi in a day, it can make you feel a little pukey.

As you can see I managed a maintain a +4% roi for the month, which I'm really pleased with and hope to carry this on through April.

Unfortunately, it's not looking like I'm going to be able to move up the stakes to the $15's for a couple of months at the earliest. I have a load of IRL bills to pay for my tuition coming up, which is why I'm with drawing my profit incrementally as I make it.


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