Weekly Update Volume 2

 photo ChaseThislight: Student and SNG player grinding to make ends meet.

Up's and Downsizing

This week was fun. I jest. A mahooisive downswing started from the offset and just got worse and worse until the very end of the week.

I've broken my week down to 3 sections

The Beginning

Week one of this year was my first ever week of consistently playing x-number of sng per day. I've put in some volume before the start of this year, but I'd never 8-tabled 6-max turbo sng before (had 10 tabled N10 fr for a few months). The first few days of the week I felt like I was running bad. Which is to an extent true. Around the bubble I was shoving a pretty good range with 10bb effective, but the top of my range kept running into the top of an opponent's range, or they seemed to hit big on every flop with air. I kept getting a little tilted which led to some very questionable shoving also.

The Middle

Raging tilt happened. Things just were not getting through, and this combined with being new to having that many 6-max turbo tables open around the bubble (always had 8 tables open) meant I was missing so many good spots at all points of a tournament. I was panic folding flops I should have jammed and just playing no where near optimally. I also felt that my heads-up game was suffering. I was putting snap putting my opponents on air, and jamming with top air. Not good

The End

In the end I gave my self a massive talking to following a big think. I related to some economics that I've just revisited in a module on The Economics of Sport. The rule of diminishing returns looks at how in this case adding more volume, will increase your earnings up to a certain point, where the return of adding another table turns from a positive to a negative. Therefore I figured that I am not yet skilled enough/ or have my tables set u wrongly to make solid decisions while 8 tabling. I'd had some sucess playing this format on FTP post relaunch. Due to screen restrictions at the time, I was 5 tabling, and making a comfortable ROI. I decided for the last 2 days that I will play 5 tables at a time in sets, meaning that all games open are at the same stage of the tournament.


This allowed me a much greater focus on my decisions, making me get right in the zone of the current blind level. In these two days I had my first back to back daily profit of the year and managed to claw back a great deal of my losses for the week.

The next week is going to be a difficult one. I have 2 university assignment deadlines and 3 exams. So I will not be on the grind nearly half as much. I think I will hit around 200 games for the week, but we'll see. I'm going to continue playing in sets, but I may well move up to playing 6 at a time.

Many players have argued that focusing on monetary earnings (pre-rakeback) is bad for your game. However when you are prioritizing earning VPP points over playing optimally and maximizing your hourly; I really think that this is wrong.

GLGL #lightitup


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