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 photo ChaseThislight: Student and SNG player grinding to make ends meet.

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 So the first week of the year has been massively up and down. I've been grinding for around 4-5 hours per day (2.5 in the AM and 2.5 in the PM) fitting it in around my revision for university exams.


Using hot keys is going great, I keep finding a new shortcut to make something easier, so I think I will be adding a few more tables. 8 tabling on a stack is fine right now though.


There's no other way to put it; swinging like a mother bitch. Today was a prime example of that morning grind went fine booked a 5BI profit over 29 games. Perfect start.

Then my second session looked a little like this:

Tragic. Cashing 3 times out of 19 is horrific. I think the finishing position distribution showing 8/19 finishing on the bubble illustrates how badly I ran. Nothing held, at all.

But I couldn't stand to be a massive loser on the final day of the week, so put in an extra 2 hour slot and finshed up a small winner for the day :D

Earlier in the week a 15bi downswing (in a row) got me absolutely crapping my pants about moving up the stakes. I'd planned to move up to the $15 game when I had about 30bi's in the bank roll. After speaking to another guy who has played the games before, he advised caution, so I think I'm going to wait until I have at least 50 bi's there before I move up. This also means re-assessing my goals for January.

I'd hoped I'd hit platinum star by the end of the month, however in 6 days (5 on had one off) I've amasses 929 VPP'S. If I maintain this pace, I'll have 5k ISH by the end of the month, so not moving up to the 15 game means staying at gold until at least the end of next month. I've also got the cushion of having much more time on my hands later in the year, so I'm still confident to crack Super Nova, and have my rent for the next year payed for me in rakeback (HOLLA).

GLGL for the new week. #nomoreswingsplease

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