Back in the saddle; A recap on 2.5k March.

 photo crazeeash: Hi my name is Ashley! I'm a student majoring in Finance, grinding lots of pocker at chezburger steaks.
Hi guys! For those of you who don't know me, I am a 26 year old finance student from New Zealand. I have been playing poker on and off since I was 19. After a recent 2 year hiatus, I have come back to the tables to try and grind myself far far away from the prospect of ever having to grind through normal life again (what the fuck was I thinking!?). Follow my progress here! :) xx Ash

March 2014 has been a milestone month for me in my life. My first month back grinding after a very long hiatus off poker and my first month back at University in 2 years. And I am so very proud to be able to write that.

To give you all some context, I used to grind micro MTTSNGs back in 2011. After doing ok relatively in the 2.50/180s I wanted to take a shot at the higher limits because frankly grinding 2.50/180s backed is the nut low. I found a stake and attempted just that. Due to family problems, several life leaks and a ridiculous amount of mental illness (depression + anxiety) (+ maybe a bit of run bad) shit basically fell apart. I quit poker, dropped out of uni and got a shitty paying job as a waitress to try and find some kind of stability in life.

After 2 years of grinding out what society would label a normal life thinking I would never play a hand of poker again, I realised I missed poker more than I was happy to admit. Not only is poker great in the sense that you can earn an income for yourself outside of the normal working realm, it gives you the freedom to do it in and also gives you so many intrinsic rewards that slaving away for a power tripping corporate company will never give you. Also that and I realised I am a terrible employee. But I won't go into that now, perhaps I will delve into that topic a little later on. After 2 years of a boring routine stable life, and 8 months living in what can only be described as the most beautiful institution on earth (Hayman Island, Great Barrier Reef), I realised that I had grown into a pretty neat person that I was actually quite proud of. I was now 100% aware of myself, completely objective about my behaviour and most of all I finally had control of my negative emotion that had plagued and controlled me my entire life. I think this kind of honest and adaptive outlook on life is one of the key things to being not only successful in poker, but life in general. With that being said!

Goals for 2014: Go the fuck back to Uni and finish your god damn degree you lazy bitch. Start playing poker again and actually fucking apply yourself this time you lazy entitled fucking twat. AND DON'T FUCKING TILT. Be healthy. Be kind. Spend more time with people that matter and less time with people that don't.

Poker, March 2014: I got back into the country end of January this year, and after several annoying computer related problems I finally managed to get an ok setup (which included me stealing my fathers PC sorry Dad!) and start grinding at the beginning of March. At first all I wanted to do was break even while I studied my game and got back into the swing of things again. I had no idea how my brain was going to react to poker this time around so I just wanted to take it slow. 2 weeks into march I had already grinded to well over half my way to Gold Star so I decided to set myself a few wee goals to finish up the month which I aptly called 2.5k March. 2500 vpp & 2500 games for the month of March.

As of 12pm April 1st NZT (GMT+12) I am sitting on 2502 games and 3553.65 vpp for the month. Wohoooo! I also managed to find a friend playing the same games as me that I study with regularly. Thanks Tom for being a tops guy all round, our study session have definitely pushed my game forward so much further than I expected in the first 4 weeks back at poker so thanks heaps! Also a big thank you to Ryan who has been a great person to bounce ideas off and just an enormous help in general. Having intelligent forward thinking friends in poker is the key to learning imho.

Now for the good stuff. Numbers. Graphs. MANIES $$$$$$$$!!!!!

crazeeash; March 2014.

Overall I pretty much couldn't be happier. I never expected in a million years to grind out a 16% roi in the first few weeks back playing poker.  I started out the month playing 1.50/45s, 2/50/180s & 3.50/45s with 500 abi in my roll (HAHA NITTTT). I'm now loading 2.50/180s, 3.50/45s & 7/45s with a roll of around 400 abi (still very nitty but was a huge compromise due to what happened when I moved up last time haha). I've played a lot, studied a lot, grinded my way back to Gold Star & made a little bit of cheddar at the same time. For those interested, here is a break down of my 45 volume vs 180 volume for the month.

crazeeash; 45v180 March 2014.

Looking forward to next month!!!


Grind hard & love harder!!!!!

Ash xxxx




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