Running good, achieving goals and living the balanced life.

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Best poker month ever and some non poker plans for the upcoming month.

At the start of the month I set myself some poker and non poker goals and as the month is drawing to a close, I have to admit it feels pretty good to of achieved all of them!

As a poker player I think it's important to understand the ridiculous ammount of variance that is involved in poker and when setting short term goals try to aim for volume and improvement rather than making an ammount of money becasue most of the time that is out of your control.  So my poker goals for the month were to put in 160 hours and more importantly to make those hours count.  That means trying to keep the table count up, avoiding slouching while playing and unimaginative play (Just open jamming rather than looking at other options).  I'm happy to say I achieved that goal and achieved just under 83,000 VPP's for the month while playing around 5,900 tournaments.  On top of that I profited just over $25,000 for quite comfortably my highest volume and highest profit for a month.

Away from poker my goals with the upcoming pennant finals were to play tennis for at least 25 hours for the month which I did and am physically so much better for and have the grand final next week to look forward to.  On top of that was limiting my alcohol intake on big nights out to avoid having days which are a total right off.  Not sure if this was a pass but probably only had 2 Sundays where I couldn't muster the energy to do anything which isn't good but sadly was a improvement.

Moving on to September I have a 20 day period before I head to Queenstown and other destinbations in the south island of New Zealand with a friend from tennis for 10 days.  I had planned on going there for APPT Queenstown but on the back of my last solo overseas trip which really drained me, I decided to wait until I had someone to go to, never been to New Zealand and have only heard good things so I'm looking forward to it.  My poker goals are to play 120 hours and achieve over 60000 Vpp's before travelling and to hit every every day next week to prepare for the tennis grand final.  On top of that will play the $1650 six max at Crown Casino and may play the $3000 main event depending on how I feel.  Have my best mates birthday tonight which will be a good way to celebrate a big month and a good chance to practice my self control and not right myself off.


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