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dominic mirzai
490 days ago
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Hey guys, I`m recruiting for New role based in Birmingham. They are looking for a Collusion Team Manager • Poker expert (can be from playing as well as working within sector). • Poker experience - they need someone who has broad playing history in order to deal with the day to day activity. • Investigative player fraud experience preferred, although not essential. • Team Lead/Management experience is essential due to the line management duties of this role. • Role is in central Birmingham, they will consider those relocating but will not offer financial assistance. Poker expertise is the key, can come from playing at a high level as opposed to working within industry. Basically this person needs to have the understanding and common sense to view hands as they are played and be able to pick up when things aren't as they should be. Salary is up to £35,000 based on experience. Please email me: dominic@bettingjobs.com or call me on 01355 588 988.

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