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 photo dvoriak: university student playing mostly on ps.fr mtt €5-€100
It's finally here guys, hope you gonna like it! :)

Hi everyone!


As you might know I have been chosen to play in radazatl’s studying group for the summer and that’s actually why I decided to come up with this blog. I’m a bit late with this but I didn’t have too much free time last month because I was just finishing my bachelor studies (Bc. dvoriak now^^). In this blog I will try to sum up every month beginning by July regarding me and the influence of our study group (me, @whadupg666 and @gigi23) to my game. Also, I will become more active on Tiltbook to make it more interesting for the followers.

Well I’m 22 years old student of International business at University of Economics in Prague and I started playing some freerolls in 2008/2009 on account created on my virtual brother on FTP. During next 3 years I was switching from sng to cashgame to mtt and back and I luckily earned something like $2k. After this period at the begining of the year 2012 I met the god of flipping mr. @radazatl for the first time sitting together in some $20 freezout in a poker club in Brno.

Since my last hit in September 2011 it took more than a year to finally win anything again. You might have heard about Mistrovství v pokeru. Promotion for micro stakes players composed from 10 weeks of online playing (each week 3 tourneys on 3 different sites) and a final headsup battle for the ticket to WPT Prague (in the end it was Michal Maryška who won the ticket). I made a success and won the online part which gave me PS3 (changed for the money tho) and the money won in the tournaments with some extra money added. By the way in the live headsup part of the promotion I obviously lost to @radazatl who gave me a nice suckout on the bubble and sent me back to the dorms I used to live in. Worse for me that I actually had to wait for him as he stayed at my place (oh my god, I should have stolen him some karma).

This promotion finally started some changes and I realized that if I want to win some money I need to focus on one particular game (that’s why I focus on 2 now, will get to this later). After retrying everything I finally made my choice and went with mtts which have fit to me the most. The problem is that I play uniquely on my laptop and I’m not able to play more than 8–10 tables. As I love to get the action I prefer mainly 6max and that’s also why I moved to ps.fr (playing under the nickname JustFishMeUp). Not only the players are just so bad but percentage of 6max mtts is much higher than on com and tourneys are deeper. It also brings me to the part with my 2nd discipline. I don’t have always enough time to play mtts so when it happens (and it happens a lot) I register €10–€30 turbo hu sng on ps.fr. It earns me a money so no reason to quit :)

Now I would like to focus on poker as an income. Over all counted some live cashes as well I’m up over $13k in my „career“ and I want to gain much more not to be dependent on something but finally have enough money to let them work for me. It's nice money I can use for travelling, partying, electronics and other regular stuff, but the goal is definitely not become the pro or something. It was my dream from the begging but when I was getting older I realized that spending all the time home in front of the computer playing and playing is not the way of life I would like to take. Second thing is that I feel very confident using my intelligence edge over others :)) This might be why poker became so attractive for me but after some time I just saw that I want to do something where this edge can be exploited more and especially for more and regular money. For this I try to get as much experience as possible and then simply profit from it – went working to France 2 times for whole summer to say bonjour to my walking wallets, going for Erasmus to Isildur1’s country in January, have regular job in a French advertising company (my boss is a super nice guy a and plays as well :D) etc., because I think that experience and general knowledge is what can help you to do what you really want. If you use it right way obviously...

Well that was it! Hopefully you liked it and here are the photos I promised to show you! @radazatl and his trip to a gay bar!

It all started like this:

Then Gus came with his friend. When radazatl saw him...

It just couldn't have had a different ending.

By the way my photoshop skills are also pretty good so if you need something, simply contact me!

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