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 photo Eliize: My name is Elisha, 27 years old and a professional poker player at PokerStars. I'm currently can be found at the $500NL ZOOM Tables. I'm an amateur dancer and filmmaker. I enjoy writing about my experiences in my blog: www.shloogy.com
I'm Elisha, 27 years old, currently living in Brasil. I play poker professionally since July 2012 and currently can be found at the PokerStars $500 ZOOM tables. I love poker, and I will blog about life as poker player at www.shloogy.com I will try to put a small parts of my blogs here. I love photography and filming short videos. I also create funny poker memes :D

A life changing experience: Life as a poker player by SuperNova Elisha "Eliize"

What's up guys?
I love TiltBook! Finally a place for all the poker players out there.

Here is a brief of my latest blog post:

April poker results at $500 NL
Hello everyone and welcome to yet another episode of my poker monthly results: April. This one is a bit special for me as it was the first month that I moved up the stakes, since becoming a professional poker player at PokerStars, back at July 2012 . Furthermore, the jump between $200NL and $500NL is *2.5 times which makes it a more exciting.

Poker. Another month, and another wild roller-coaster, once again. Poker has an annoying way of doing that, and that basically is: grabbing you by the scruff of the neck and throwing you around wherever it pleases just to watch you suffer. This month was basically:

Getting very excited about moving up to the $500 tables.
Playing my first session, winning 2 buy ins in 10 minutes.
Taking a break to fix my breath.
1. Playing 1,500 hands, winnings 5 buy ins ($2500).
2. Calling the bank, asking how much interest they offer in return for my $50,000 3. I’m gonna deposit every month from poker winnings.
4. Getting destroyed -$8,000 in 10,000 hands like a high stakes Taki player.
5. Calling my mom, asking her if I can go back living at home.
6. Calling the hospital, asking if they’re buying blood donations.
7. Calling the bank, asking if I can get in advance the interest for my monthly $50,000 deposit I will be making...


I will continue to post here parts of my blogs. www.shloogy.com for more content :)

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