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 photo Eliize: My name is Elisha, 27 years old and a professional poker player at PokerStars. I'm currently can be found at the $500NL ZOOM Tables. I'm an amateur dancer and filmmaker. I enjoy writing about my experiences in my blog: www.shloogy.com
My life and poker experiences :)

Dear readers,

Thousands of kilometres by car, I managed to grab some amazing moments in Brasil’s beautiful landscapes and climates. I just love taking the car for a long ride. I’ve done it several times in the last few years; Europe – France-Germany-Amsterdam-Austria-Belgium, America – California-Phenix-Las Vegas and now inside Brasil.

In the state of Santa Catarina, when you go north you travel across huge mountains where we were driving so high we almost reached the sky. Pretty amazing sights which words really cannot describe:




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