Zoom $500, funny poker memes and short films. TiltBook post #2

 photo Eliize: My name is Elisha, 27 years old and a professional poker player at PokerStars. I'm currently can be found at the $500NL ZOOM Tables. I'm an amateur dancer and filmmaker. I enjoy writing about my experiences in my blog: www.shloogy.com
I'm Elisha, 27 years old, currently living in Brasil. I play poker professionally since July 2012 and currently can be found at the PokerStars $500 ZOOM tables. I love poker, and I will blog about life as poker player at www.shloogy.com I will try to put a small parts of my blogs here. I love photography and filming short videos. I also create funny poker memes :D

What's up guys?

Here is a short summary from my last blog: www.shloogy.com

Last week I had this crazy idea, to make a  sick haircut. I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve made anything special in my hair. It was back in high school where I thought that being a proud owner of a Pokemon haircut is so cool. Today, I think that PokerStars is cool. I went down to 3 several places to look for someone who would be willing to take this risk.  Many so called pros, rejected me – claiming I was “loco” (crazy) and I need help. I didn’t give up. In the end it was a shy aphro american guy who agreed. I thought to myself “He’s not gonna make it, but at least I’d have a good laugh”. He made it and the result is a masterpiece. GG Brazilian barbar dude. I left him a tip for his nice work. 




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