Zoom $500, funny poker memes and short films. TiltBook post #3

 photo Eliize: My name is Elisha, 27 years old and a professional poker player at PokerStars. I'm currently can be found at the $500NL ZOOM Tables. I'm an amateur dancer and filmmaker. I enjoy writing about my experiences in my blog: www.shloogy.com
Life as a poker player by Eliize

Hi guys,

Here is another episode, short summary from my blog:




  1. It’s probably highly unlikely to book 40k in 500NL unless you’re playing from the sun, running like god while flopping sets all month long. 
  2. It’s probably unlikely to win ONE DOLLAR if you get sick e-v-e-r-y month. 

  Truthfully I can’t even tell which one of these is more ridicules; the ambition to make a 40k month on 500NL, or being sick so often that it actually tilts my life, literally and figuratively. I guess it makes me PokerStars’ sickest reg."




May results at the poker tables:


My blog can be found at shloogy com

Cheers :)




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