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I am from Venezuela currently living in Saint Petersburg


789 days ago
ABOUT THE SPIN & GO's DEBATE: If in the Spin & go's the rake is higher, then in the 100k example that Masuronike gave, the reg would make similar or even more money Postrake by playing them instead of 6men hypers with the added chance of winning the "30 out of each 100,000 tourneys played" premium sng's...Tbh, 6m Hypers are already tough to beat for most of the regs and also have a high "luck factor" or high variance if you hate the luck term (but it does exist)...Most regs last couple of years that got SNE (or tried and had to quit) playing hypers lost a lot of money Pre-Rakeback and at most were BE. If I am right I think a 0%ROI (Breakeven) at 6men Hypers 60s+ is even considered "very good" and most of the money anyways would come from rakeback and bonuses. Is already tough to play 6men hypers for consistent prerake profit in the higher buyins, and most of the regs if not all that play them are going for SNE. If you could point out some regs that are grinding 6men hypers 60s,100s+ without SNE in mind and just for steady prerake profit I would understand this point, but there aren't many imo, because they are pretty much unbeatable prerake even for the best regs included and only a very few top group of regs that play them do. So in the end every other average reg, casual player or even decent regs playing 6men hypers will just eventually lose all their money or BR cause of the variance-luck factor just as similar as we can point out in the Spin & go's!

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