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 cheap nike air max classic bw and I didn't expect Incheon here so quickly. We communicated this morning and he was very sincere, very willing to accept the present adjustment of the team. And he wanted to go back to injury, still have a chance in the coming year. From Korea Incheon Asian Games opening 1 leftDay period, detailed schedule of the Asian Games men's basketball team also made public. Chinese men's basketball team the first game.

 will be on the 24th of this month began, first two games were arranged in a group game in Incheon this afternoon local time 1Point, the place is San Shan Stadium in the world. At the founding Conference of China's Asian Games delegation, Sports Minister, Liu Peng, head of the delegation in particular referred to the "three balls". Liu Peng said that "three balls" to fight back and will fight for the best.

  nike air max thea cheap of the determination and confidence, strive for the best results. There are voices that, for now, the Chinese men's basketball team, fighting spirit alone is not enough. In this regard, Hong Kong's frankwell believes that for the new session of Chinese men's basketball team, can only show that spirit, telling young team experience technology is premature. "The two armies met brave victory.

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