Fitness/Online Poker Grind #3

 photo fitboy: 24 years old, looking to get fit and have nice results online! #Grindinglife2015
Road to Fitness/Online poker Success

POKER UPDATE: I told you last time i wont play spin and go on 45/180s turbo? I change my mind not because i really want to grind spin or so because i feel my game is really much better and would be a pleasure to grind 180s and turbo mtt, but i dont have enough time those days for long session (Have to eat each 2h30, putting time to finish some studies school related, gym time aswell). So ive play more 3$ spin and got kind of lucky if you check graph finally manage to run over ev weee :)



Bankroll wise now at 100$ so if things can continue to go well we will take some shot at 7s spin or finally take some 2 day week to put volume in 180s and turbo mtt (When i wont go to the gym will ensure to have meal ready and put some volume) 

FITNESS/LIFE UPDATE:Not much to say on this part, just got a 1h30 complete body massage and god it feel amazing. Gonna meet my mentor this weekend to have some talk and also because i will do an audition for a Canadian TV show Travelling group with challenge etc more to come ;)

If you miss update#2 here is the link: http://tiltbook.com/fitboy/blog/fitnessonline-poker-grind-2/

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