Fitness/Online Poker Grind #4

 photo fitboy: 24 years old, looking to get fit and have nice results online! #Grindinglife2015
Road to Fitness/Online poker Success

POKER UPDATE: Sitting almost at 150$ marks which feels greats :) I said i will play Spin and go more but find out gonna hard way to grind because of the high rake effect in spin and go so change my mind again. I will play mostly 6m sat/6m hyper (3.50$ yeah its risky to bust i know) but well see. Right now playing 1.15$ sat hyper because they are very low on rake (around 1.7%) Wish i can find some time on gym rest day etc to play 180s and mtt turbo because my main skill are there for sure. Im also looking maybe to try some 18s turbo if i can multitable those well but will need to find proper software for autoregister and color code. Looking to put more volume really because ive been busy on other aspect those days.

FITNESS/LIFE UPDATE:Almost at solid 160pounds and very lean mass. Even if im shy I will post a picture update soon so you can see maybe the difference or something will see. Also if any need some life nutrition/training tips i will be happy to help you out. If you need a personnal workout on diet i can do this aswell at cheap cost. 

Wish you good day and leaving you with this quote:







If case you miss update#3: http://tiltbook.com/fitboy/blog/fitnessonline-poker-grind-3/

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