Fitness/Online Poker Grind

 photo fitboy: 24 years old, looking to get fit and have nice results online! #Grindinglife2015
Road to Fitness/Online Poker Success

Hi everyone, just create this tiltbook to keep track of my personnal challenge and share a bit of my story. Will be a pleasure to interact with you. Sorry for my english in French Native but i will try hard guys/girls!

Q:What are my goals this years?

A:Doing a Fitness show in men physique class and have success in online poker grind

Q:How i will be able to do it?

A1:I train fulltime for about 2 years with a 2-3 month break (Breakup with my girlfriend) and also recently 2 month break (Love my main job and have to move back to parents house). Now its have been close to 5 weeks and i feel better than ever (Sittings at close to 160lbs low body fat around 8%) so its wonderful for an ectomorph (People that need to eat a lot to become bigger but are also years rounds on a low body fat). Keep putting mass and will shotly pass 165pounds (always weight in the morning on empty stomach

A2:Poker relate ive been playing part time since my 18 years old (Im from Canada so Yes was legal online :P) To make story short looking to build a roll from 50$

Here is how im gonna do it this is just a little summary but i will update when i will move up/down:

50$ to 500$ (Part Time)

0-25$ 0.50 45m or 1$ Spin and Go
25-50$ 0.50 45/180m + some micro mtt (0.11$-0.27$ turbo) or 1$ Spin and GO
50$-100$ 0.50 45/180m + micro mtt (0.11$-0.55$ turbo) or 3$ Spin and GO

POKER UPDATE1: Just to give me quick update, have been playing 126/1$ spin and 59/3$ spin manage to get ITM:39% overall and in profit. Gonna push myself to play more 45man and 180man i think because at those stakes (micro) i really think i can have nice ROI and im better at this (180m and turbo mtt are my game imo only have 45 sng play ROI 28.8 dont know why but 45/180m stats combine in my tournaments results tabs anyway..) Also have news from horse i stake in past, maybe will able to get some funds back for the challenge i dont know yet.

FITNESS UPDATE1: This week was hard because i only gain 1.5pounds on the scale and even if i feel stronger. Gotta focus on Sleeptime and calorie intake because gym going well and i think this week i have become lazy for this. More to come keep pushing my ass off in gym. Mind muscle connection! 

Wish you all the best for any of your challenge, you have to push yourself each single day to achieve your goals!


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