From zero to Supernova on Pokerstars - cont. part 2

..continuing from the first part of the blog.....

As i forgot to mention a few things on my first part of this blog, so i try to write about those now... (btw does anybody know, how to continue my original blog, or do i have to create a new one all the time when i want to write more about a few things...? )
so, i was playing 28 tables  full ring at pokerstars on nl10 (i played 6max also for a short period of time, but the variance was a bit higher than on fullring so when i decided that i will play poker instead of job i switched to fullring instead)... i have some kind of basic setup, two 24" monitors with full HD resolution, using holdem manager 2, table ninja and pokerstars hotkeys while playing.... the tables are slighty overlapped, but i dont mind that very much, if there is an action on one table it will just pop up to foreground and make that annyoing pokerstars sound :) also i managed to get every needed information to my HUD without popups, so i see and can participate all the action from opponent preflop and on every street...

it looks like this:

28tables FR

Also i dont mind any table i sit at, using just the basic table selection with marking opponents with four colours, and according to these i choose if i stay or just shut down the table and let easy seat find me another one.  
and about my stats, they really depend on the table and opponents, so they can vary... also as i mentioned before i am trying to change my game every month a bit, but i dont mind sharing my stats from for example february this year....


and this are the daily sessions:


i used to play around 7-9 hours each day, divided to 3 sessions with 30-60 break between them.

hope i didnt miss any questions you were asking in comments... :) 

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