5 Steps forward

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Taking a look at some good habits that are worth developing to make your poker life easier.


Just an idea I had for a blog entry on a 3 hour drive yesterday:


Stop being negative but start being honest-

If your a losing player then be honest and admit it, this doesn't mean go all emo and start self hating with some Eminem. It means take SCOPE of where your at, where your heading and where you want to be heading in your poker sphere.  Don't misrepresent your results to your friends or Skype buddies, or spend ages looking for your hero hands to post and get props. 

At the end of the day what other people think of you in this game does not matter. With this also avoid negative people, I got this piece of advice last year and it's so valuable. Surround yourself with better players and positive "doers" not people hating on EV all day talking about how they just need a heater or w.e

Sort your play list out-

How long do you spend going on youtube or w.e finding that album or song you want for your grind session? Spend an hour today, sorting out your itunes or media player and get some play lists filled with the music you want. Music is practically free these days and it's no effort to get it sorted but it's very easy to put off and "do it later". A bit of time today (Now?!) will pay dividends over time and get your sessions off to a great start.

Quality not Quantity in everything you do-

In The Essential 20: Twenty Components of an Excellent Health Care, Dianne Dukette writes

"Most healthy teenagers and adults are unable to sustain attention on one thing for more than about 40 minutes at a time, although they can choose repeatedly to re-focus on the same thing"

Playing mega marathon sessions unless your solely going for VPP's are unlikely to be a good idea. 1hr 30 on 15-20minutes off should be a good balance and avoid you going into robo mode. So be smart and get the most out of yourself.


Keep it SMART-


This is what all your goals should be. Having "I want to be a millionaire" is not a good "goal" but "I want to be 10/100 over the next 100k hands" is much more easier for your brain to home in on, and realistic.

It's important to build your success on lots of small steps that don't become to daunting and binned or just completely unassailable. So take a look at your goals and make sure they fit the above criteria for the best progress.

H20 ldo?

Your a pretty smart individual and no doubt you know staying hydrated is important but downing dem red bulls is not the same. Yeah we all need a pick me up when where in marathon mode but get your body off energy drinks and junk food and start making your body and mind fit for purpose.

You wouldn't turn up to the F1 in Singapore with a go-kart would you?  OK maybe Vettel could and still win but that's besides the point. Hours and hours of hard work when your leaking out the exhaust is so pointless so get on top of your diet and stay hydrated.





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