London round-up-Part 1

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So Last week i posted snippets of my week of live play here is a more detailed piece.

I have always loved London since I was 17, there is just always such a buzz about the place. Everyone is moving with purpose , and if you have some cash to spend there is everything you can think of. One of my vices is shopping, I can spend 6 hours spending more than I can count on stuff I don't need. The alure works.


I stayed in a private members club but I can easily give out details of a local cheap hotels or hotels my grinding buddy already stayed and there's loads of places that you can get for under £50 a night the only problem is you need to book advance otherwise you can be looking at the upwards of £80 per night.

My daily routine usually consisted of waking up around 2 to 3 PM I would text my buddies see how the games were going at the casino and see what was running asked if any of the big Whales were in there where about 5 or 6 rich guys who would play various games but loved the gamble PLO offered.

I just basically get get the rundown on what was gone at the casino at that time, this basically dictated how quickly I make my way there am obviously it is one of the big fish then I would move a bit faster..normally kind of a case of get up get showered I had some food in my room As well as lots of mountain dew I'm addicted to the stuff.. I then got on the Underground which am sure most some of you know is that the big underground train system that's in London works really well and can get me to about 500 m from the casino (Edgware Road).

I get myself on the PLO waiting list if there was a waiting list if there was a game already running then I would just join it. I would normally buy £400 worth of chips with the intention of buying in for two hundred and then keep myself at 100 big blinds.

The player pool was pretty bad, I mean good for us bad in terms of skill. Even for me a new player to PLO with limited experience I would normally be the best or second best player at the table. The majority where playing as if it was Holdem. Then being devestated and shocked when your getting it in with 15 card wraps +fd and they just wouldn't know what to do because they would check to me expect me to check back since they where the original aggressor then be in a rut when you start betting into them for pot.

The PLO games would normally last at least until 1 AM sometimes we could keep going till is six or 7AM and on rare occasions last longer going through to the late morning. When they did break up depending on whether I was up for the evening or not I woould join the Texas hold them games, I felt confident enough to win in these games but perhaps not have as much of an edge as I did in PLO. Also I then I would end up conflicting with grinding buddy as if there was only the one table running he would be looking to start his session, so I would give way.

Overall I enjoyed my time in London I feel fortunate that is so close to me and I always have the option to go through and play. I think for anyone looking to come from outside of the UK, it is definitely worth a visit but make sure to do a lot of planning before hand, so you can hit the ground running.I hope  this gives some sort of insight in to live grinding in London if you have any questions just write up~

Thanks for reading part 1, part two will be hands and pics.


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