The Weekend Wrap,Live PLO summary.

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Short summary of weekend playing live PLO, inc hands.

Satruday night started off badly. I'm changing the names of people at the table to protect their identity `.`

£1/2 PLO, 

Me: (£480)Dealt AhAcJh9d in the SB, 9 handed. MP Pots to 8, CO 3b, button 4b. I 5b, get's flatted all the way round to the button who under raises, for his stack. So i can't push all in.Given the SPR I push my stack over the line as the dealer started to  deal the flop. I get called and raised by another, which nails how this one is going to end.

6678Q board, giving MP a straight and the Button a flush.


I rebought for £250, as I got moved to the main table from the feeder. At the table, there was the wife of a player, who thankfully for her plays a lot better than her husband. I'll name her Lady P. Her husband doesn't know where the fold button is or what manners are. She was getting some abuse from another player a retired tennis coach, who thought he was a boss, and had more money than sense. But I tend to get on with everyone so, he was good with me and I empathise with his bad beat stories as he fuels my caffene needs with red bull.

Lady P, had somehow built up a stack of £2,000 or so, which ensured no one was leaving this table in a hurry. 

Hand Number 2 of was another Arr in, you'll notice most of my hand histories seem to be with premium hands mostly because playing live, if you don't have solid ranges you need to be willing to fire a lot of bullets.


AdAcTdTs d/s stack off vs 2 players total pot of £700, 


The River awarded a flush,the King however had me worried, Lady P mucked her hand, the other guy Dave had AA99, so I felt for him a bit but I said nothing, I never do.  Win or lose, we all know what we are there to do. Take money from each other. I buy drinks, and socalise. But I'll never tell you I'm sorry for sucking out, or expect an apology when you do.


The night went on, I took regular short walk arounds the poker room, engaging in casual small talk, just to keep my mind awake. Back at the table, with around £900,

I'm dealt Q228r otb. 2 limpers, I pot pre flop. One rule of Live play especially at the Victoria, is Pre Flop raises never get through the calibre of play is just too bad. You recognise the rare 1 or 2 players who know what their doing very quickly, by how they respond to your raises. LadyP and S, a long time grumpy greek grinder flat along with the the two limpers.

K39 otf, checks round to me. I bet £25, thinking nothing but how I'll be bluffing this pot. Only Lady P calls, the turn is another 9, I'm a little concerned, but she dissmissivly checks holding her cards in her hand as she does. I check back.

River is a 7, she does another dismisive check, I think a little, then bet £80, she folds showing her King, I show my hand, for image purposes the table laughs and she smiles. Got to keep her money in the game.......got to keep her money in the game.......

Another player at the table, I'll call Richard, is a slimey old English teacher, I call him slimey because of the way he is with the waitresses. It just creeps you out to watch. I open on the button with 6657, he raises back, I 4b. He flats. Which rules out Aces for his range and stack depth. The flop is 65J, he bet's £75, with 250 behind. If he had the jacks, he would normally just lead for pot, I 3b for 90% of stack, he puts the remainder in and loses with his set of 5's. 

This brings us here.

You know when things are going good and you should leave. This was that moment. cause it only got worse from here.

AA93, single suited stack of vs 2 villians, to my dismay Mr Starr, a nice asian guy had AAJJ and young college guy had KK24, flopping a straight taking £375 from my stack,sigh.


I limp with AK46ss, flop the nut flush, to loose to a straight flush ott. It's annoying at this point because I knew I was beaten but.....I knew also I can't factor that villian will have a straight flush, can I? 

He checks to me on the river, I bet £75, he raises to 180, and I call. I muck my hand as soon as he displays his. I just knew I was beat lesson learned to listen to instinct some times!. Tilted as fuck.

I pay off Lady P, with a lower full house, and make a stupid bluff that almost worked for £400, when i say it almost worked. He had put his coat on and took over 10 minutes to decide before calling with a King High flush on a paired board.

My portugese friend from the previous night was now sitting on my right. He is a very nice guy, and very much just there for fun, he shows me his hands when I'm not involved in the pot a lot, and couldn't hurt a fly. I 3b him IP with JJQQ, the board is 998, spades and hearts. I have a BDFD and a straight draw to.

He  checks I lead out for pot. he tank shoves. I tank call, he see's my hand and exclaims that I'm ahead and it was a good call. To then catch a 45678 straight otr.

At this point my stack is back to break even . I'm unphased but slightly frustrated at myself. It's 10am, and there are only 5 of us left, one is sitting out for a break, i let the rest know I'm done when he gets back. 

In the SB AAQ8 single suited to clubs, Rob a government employee has straddled, my portugese friend raises pot, button calls and I pot, Rob then pots back, the rest fold and I pot he just flats. Leaving me with £90 behind. Back to a smilliar situation as the start of the night, I blind push the rest of my stack in on to a AQ7 flop, two tone. He calls and turns his straight. I'm done.

Down £500 or so,making my way back to my hotel to catch check out. 

This was written on 1 hour sleep, so excuse the monotonous tone. 

Thanks for reading ,Fp.

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