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Pro at the low...

Lol can't think of a 'blog introduction'. Anyway, I'm Jay Atienza from the Philippines. I play at pokerstars under the name 'flyingspades' obiously. I turned pro 3 days ago, playing at the lowest limit possible lol. NL2 FR CG. Though it looks stupid quitting my job and turning pro at this limit. The value of dollar here in our country is big. And what I can earn at this stakes can replace my previous salary already.

I already have a blogpost in a different site. If anyone is somehow interested you can see it at flyingspades-poker.blogspot.com

My goal on my 1st month is just to move up at 5NL. I do follow a 50 BI-BRM. I'm quite close to that somehow, might move up this week. Will post some updates here..

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