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The different types of tilt and dealing with it .

This is just my opinion and not really based on facts so we may disgree with this.I Know a lot people talk about the tilt subject a lot and lets be honest we could talk about this forever as it will always going be an issue. I guess there is no right or wrong way to deal with this as everyone is slighty different or unless you seeing a proffessional psychologist. I think as player you do you need to be aware of the different types of tilit. Ive spoken to experienced players and guys learning the game at the micros/low stakes. The difference between the successful and struggling players seems to be when a good player knows when taking a break for 1-2 days is +ev in the long term. 

At some point we all suffer from tilt in different ways but nearly all of us dont think we suffer from it or it doesnt affect our game. Well thats what we like to say to people in the skype chats etc. 

When most people think of tilt, they think about those bad beats for that really big pot that would either make you favourite for the tourney or ship that massive pot that would make your month so much better. Which is closly followed by the smashing up your mouse/keyboard and shouting and screaming. which is the people in your house then say "oh dear losing again" I guess you could call this aggressive tilt. we may not all suffer from this but from the guys who do probably starting shoving/calling to light and make so many mistakes that you eventually have to stop playing. 

Then there is other form of tilt. Which I can relate to more often in my poker career.... The victim.... the guy who plays really well but for some reason the world is against him. The pokersite making billions of dollars but wants to screw you over for your buy in and only you. The guy who cries about variance and getting in good and always losing to bad beats and flips. This guy generally feels he doesnt suffer from tilt because he isn't smashing up the room. In fact he is tilting but doing it in a more a passive way or victim mind set. When i've staked guys like this their hand histories look the same. very passive....limp,limp,limp, fold. missed ISO. etc. Its because you dont want that experience of losing even though you are playing in now a new -ev way which you may not even of noticed.  for those guys its just as important to take a day off or something so you brain can reset to more logical state and play how you know is +ev. We all love this game but must learn when playing angry or upset is a bad idea. 

When I was talking to some very experienced players they said that the type of music you listen to can affect your mindset. which I guess is true as music does affect our moods. I found I was more liable to tilt when playing aggressive music. Which some of you might want to look at more calming music. We are all different so maybe you dont agree with this.  It helped me a few others i think. 

Hopefully this post helped some of you guys. As I said this is just my opinion so you may disagree with this but i thought it was an interesting subject.



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