Journey of a 180man stable (traveling with poker)

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The dream lifestyle for Poker players

I thought I would do a post about traveling with poker because I speak to a lot of players who are currently living in another countries or constantly on the move playing from their laptop and everyone has a different opinion whats better. I've spoken to guys in costa rica, Budapest, Prague, Mexico, Malta and Canada about this topic and its definately depends on the individual. Some guys like living by a beach etc and some love that City lifestyle like myself. I've found the city guys are the guys who likely to party more but thats only a general thing not that it applies to everyone. 

How to pick a country 

This a question that comes up a lot when my non poker friends ask why I moved from England. For me personally I wanted to be a city that had plenty going on, good nightlife, cheap to live and something a bit outside the box. So I  decided on Prague. Now if you ask others they will say thats to cold in the winter so these people either end up in Malta or Mexico (with all the American grinders). I didn't really care about a beach. just give me some hot eastern girls and I'll be happy. I now live in Budapest as I got bored of Prague after 2 years. Budapest in my opinion is better in every way...Sorry haha. I guess if you want best of both world south east Asia but that didn't really appeal to me at the time but I've heard some many good things from guys living in grind houses there. 

How to get Started

I left England with 6 months living expenses behind me so that I would never be stressed out if I went on a downswing or break even stretch. At the time I left it was the start of 2011 and I was grinding 180 mans so I wasn't really a high roller. I know there a lot of guys traveling with poker at the moment who dont ever really have to worry about rent,expenses so this would apply more to the low or mid stake guys wanting to travel. I would recommend getting the finiances sorted out (i've met guys who didnt do this) and then picking a country or city that appeals to your perfect lifestyle. If you have an EU passport then moving around Europe will be so easy. Also traveling with other poker players is a lot more fun as well.

I hope this has helped any guys thinking about moving aboard and playing poker while seeing the world. I started in December 2010 and been loving seeing Europe while either playing poker or staking. If you have questions I maybe help with some advice etc. Good luck at the tables 

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