Journey of a 180man stable update

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brief updates on a growing 180 man stable

I've been really lazy with updates and so already broken promises to myself about not doing that. Since my last update a few things have changed within the stable. I now have a staking partner SJL99 who is also pretty active on tiltbook. I thought it would be best to get a partner involved to give the stable more financial stablity, more coaching and its allows the stable to grow quicker and bigger with the shared work load. We already seeing the benefits in all those areas. 

At the moment we have 3 guys all playing $2.50s 180 mans. All of them are working hard and hopefully we can get them playing $3rs but I dont want to put a time frame on it because you never know what will happen with downswings and how they will deal with it mentally. In the past the i've had stables that have done 1 on 1 coaching and 1 that did group reviews. I found it really depends on the players that are getting coached. At the moment the 3 guys we have are happy to talk up and ask questions to each other and the coaches which makes the reviews very useful but in the past i've had very shy guys that won't speak up and pay attention if its not their HHs. So the group review is working. But I think 1 on 1 are always the best way to get a point across to a struggling player or a newbie guy who may a more than 1 or 2 leaks. 

We are currently looking for 3 new students for $2.50s 180 mans. If you have some experience at these games it is preferred but we are considering people without. The applicants must be hard working, self motivated and eager to move up stakes as soon as possible.  We are going to be making a decision this week so if you have already applied we will get back to you at some point.

I'm considering doing Vblogs instead for this. I have a few friends that have youtube businesses and they suggested it might be more interesting to do a video updates than just reading me writing out stuff here. haha


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