The Journey of a 180 stable (advice for micro/low players)

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Weekly updates from 180s with a little advice.

Week 3 and the importance of experience, good mind set and self motivation are 3 points of a few poits that are very important if you ask any successful poker player. I would say for getting started for a newbie or a guy playing micro/low stakes trying to create a new career in poker self motivation and good mind set and things that you need first along with the obvious one of knowing the strategy. 

Why am I talking about this topic this week? well I was comparing my current guys to previous guys that when from micros to mid/high stakes. The guys were all tought the same things but some made it and others didnt. why? Well the guys who were successful didnt always have the most talent as I think this can be over rated at times in poker. Working hard is more important than that but they had 2 other keys qualities. The self motivation for grinding a lot and getting out of Micros is so important its hard to stress that point. You dont get out of micros playing 20-30 games a day. Those guys are doomed to be there for a very long time unless they get lucky in a MTT. Self motivation is also very important for studying on you own. I think I a lot of people at micros think if they get a coach then all the problems are sorted. In actual fact you should be learning on your own first and there is so much free materail out there.  Another important factor is the guys who throw themselves at poker 100% and the ones who work/study doing something else. Poker isn't something that you can do on the side and wake up one day with a career. 

A good mind set is also connected with self motivation but goes a little deeper. The guys who complain about downswings and their "luck" are usaully the guys who need more mental coaching and likely to have leaks reappear during bad times. One thing my first coach always told me was dont carried away with your success and you won't get hurt so much with the bad times. Almost be neutral or have low reaction to the results. You need to focus on the process of playing correctly and the results will take care of themselves. Poker is going to throw a lot of shit at you over a space of career but how long you last in the poker world is how hard skinned and beat up you can get and still come back for more playing your A game. A length of career isn't 100% based on skill level but the quailty of your mind set.

When it comes to downswings they are all for a short time in the bigger picture of a career and there will always be a bigger downswing down the road if your moving up stakes so your really only upset about a short term problem that can be out of your control and its not even going to be your biggest one.

Thanks and good luck at the tables 


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