The Journey of a 180 stable week 2

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Weekly updates on a 180 stable

So just an update on whats going on at the moment. I've added another guy since my last post. I think its best now that I don't add any guys until I have at least one of these 2 guys mixing in 3rs. I heard a speech from a successful business guru called Tai Lopez talking about not working on a new product until the first one is making income on its own. Which Sounds obvious I know but there is always a tempatation to add new guys when the right guy applies. So I must stick to this for a few weeks. I've putitng in a lot of work with these 2 guys the last 2 and half weeks and I've really seen a lot of improvement in their games. Which always helps me sleep at night. 

The first student was basically a micro MTT guy with no experience of SNG's let alone 180s. It was a big a gamble staking him but I could see that he was willing to work and I planned how I was going work with from previous mistakes in the past. At the moment he is doing well and seems to be a quick learner. Actually surprised how much he has improved in 2 weeks but its still early in his development. 

The second student is a little more interesting to talk about. Again another quick learner but he had experience with other games apart from 180 turbos which meant he had habits/leaks that wouldn't work at turbo 180s. It's taken 2 weeks but he is now playing really well and even though he had a downswing at the start, it shouldn't be long before he starts crushing. One thing that this student has in his advantage is a great work ethic which will help him move up stakes quickly and doesn't seem to let a downswing really affect him which makes a nice change to deal with.  

My personal goals for this two guys this month is to get both to mixing in some 3rs by the end of the month. Which I don't think is a massive ask considering where their games are right now. The second student does have Make up at the moment but has very good game for a 2's guy and puts in good volume. Also I want to be doing 2 reviews of their sessions a week at least to make sure no new leaks appear. I think its important I give as much coaching to these guys while their at 2's. I've spoken with other staking guys about this and they agreed its seems the hardest thing to do is get a student out of $2.50s because if they dont have the right work ethic or enough coaching they could be stuck there for a while. Getting a guy from 3rs to 15s or making the jump into MTT's is really easy so I look forward to those days. 

Even though I'm not staking any new guys for a few weeks but your interested in $2.50 staking/coaching deal and want to move up as quickly as possibble then just send me a private message with your Stars name and skype. I will consider all the applicants and let you know weather its a yes or no. 



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