The Journey of a 180 stable

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I'm a 180 player/Staker from London, England who's lived in Prague, Czech Republic and now Budapest Hungary. I'm going to be giving updates the up and downs or growing a stable from 180's hopefully to MTT's

As this is the first post I should tell you why I'm doing this blog. I've previously had a stable with a friend which we grew from staking $2.50s 180s turbos into a mid/high MTT stable and had some great success with it. People in the poker world and outside always ask how you did it as its pretty hard and most stables at those stakes dont grow from that small. So hopefully I'm successful again and this this time I can share the growth of the group with other people. 

So week 1 I'm starting really small this time. I currently have 1 student playing $2.50s and looking for another student who is just as hard working etc. The mistake that we made with the first stable was taking on 20 guys and hoping a few would make it. Which did work but it was kind of lucky and but wasnt the brightest idea. So this time I'm being really careful and picky about the guys that I stake. I only want guys working hard and really understand what it takes to get to higher stakes. Plus I haven't got the money to spend on part time or lazy guys. 

It's going ok with the first student so far this week. we are having a session nearly every day so I can get him up to speed as quickly as possible. It may seem like over kill at the moment but from expericence you don't want a 2.50 guy getting in deep MU otherwise you spend to much time giving him mental coaching on top the standard coaching which at this point is to much information. The thing about staking guys at 2.50 180's is that they need a lot work or time given to them so you need a hard working student everyday otherwise you look like a bit of idiot. This guy is working hard so i'm happy with that. At the moment I'm teaching this student some of the basics of beating 180's and the importance of volume once we have resolved most of the leaks. Also how important studying on his own is.

As its only week 1 and 1 student there isn't a great deal to share at the moment but I will also be doing vlogs as well as this blog so updates soon. 

If your a low/mirco stakes player with  some experience at 180s and want to progress your game from $2.50s to higher levels but just need some mentoring/coaching then send me PM and I maybe able to help you. 

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