Hi since I'm in pokerstars and started playing with real money, more pleasant experience at PokerStars since I was last year 2012, in micro millons first October coming in 176th event MicroMillions-005: $ 3.30 NL Hold'em [$ 25K Gtd] beat bat against a super-villain payment ugly 92 and it came out I was only 9 KQs, then also participate for November in millons micro MicroMillions-013 11/16/2012: Stud $ 3.30 [$ 5K Gtd] set out in the 284, played just sit there until I'm fitty50 prepared to play the day 12/30/2012 $ 215 Sunday Million [$ 1M Gtd] making entering and exiting prizes at position 703 of 8292 players which was a good experience playing tournament complementing those fitty50 1 or 2 a day just as it was always recorded the same players and could take the form of play although the low number always got good results other tournaments to participate in mid 05/26/2012 The Year and Hot $ 0.55 [Turbo, $ 2.5K Gtd] in position 41 out of 9140 other tournament players involved do not know why but I recorded between prize was $ 3.30 Saturday Micro 06/02/2012 [NLHE, $ 35K Gtd] at position 418 out of 12,105 players ie in the last half of last year were the best results, as in previous years did not play many tournaments for non-Bank which has grown gradually This year I have not played much but already next month to resume the action again mostly in sit and go fitty50 of the few who have participated so far played in 4 of 5 enter charges nothing wrong, maybe I will play one another tournament but mostly will sit and go before described above. Before all that like everything was difficult first start playing with play money mind since I registered and in which being zero dollar reaches twice and lost $ 50 by not knowing how to handle banking, too inexperienced and not seek game that I will adapt to take advantage of it.

The improvement has been more experience playing the game also studying, reviewing hands in Poker classes, consultations forum. And gradually I improved ie from 2010 to now if profits have been growing and the game: in 2010 17 between prize of 69 real money games in 2011 38 between prize of 133 games real money, in 2012 96 234 in prizes from cash games in 2013 and four times I've gone into recovery of 5 real money games so far this year, ie in 2012 has been my best year, but is like saying short-term results are not achieved in the long term if it is where you see the true results.

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