last weekend trip to ac 7/18

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last weekend trip to ac 7/18

ok so i wanted to write lil bout ac trip last weekend. .... i was heading down to possibly play 350+50 100k borgata open event. went by event to see and it was closed but i wasnt goin to play anyway. wanted to win buy in first and arrived later than thought. so all good and jumped on 2-5nl table wit 500. bout 4-5 hands in i get kk. think i raised to 25 in position. 3 callers flop is 9 10 9. first guy goes all in fro 160. second guy puts on a show recounting his stack out acting like he has big decision and eventually goes all in for bout 350 total. and now on me...... am thinking someone got to have the 9 obviously and other prolly/hopefully overpair(not even thinkin AT or big10). pot is pretty big and bigger if i call. in end i make bad call and am hoping i am ahead in side pot which is with guy who put on show so that was even dumb thinking callin but i did because the money was there and i had money in my pocket.


i say to myself in my head of course come on king. king. king...king.king. there is like 1200 total pot now. dealer flips k on turn and i flip my cards feeling im real good so i did. turn was low card. first guy mucked and second guy/show guy stalls and eventually throws hand up and showed 1010. he flopped boat with 1010 and i turned bigger boat with kk. not greatest call by me but got lucky and am now up like 700 or more. only played like 2-3 hours total up 9plus and left to room. watched tv, ate, slept good.

played next day sun morn/afternoon wasnt doin to good at first but grinded my 500 buy in out and and after long 6 hour session i left wit 600+ profit. checked in new room i bought didnt evn want to stay but payed for room late switch bs. up 1500 was gunna just leave or stay and play on computer wit 200 chill in room and play till leave.

figured while i still feel good i would get one last session in and win couple hundred and leave and put it online to play. bad greed idea. ended up losin 800. then came back tilted and just chilled and slept.

still up but not happy and tilted still i played roullette coupon at other casino. plan was to get egg sandwich and play couponmatchplay 75. maybe few more whatever. ended up dropping 5 then get it back to 12 then to nothing after 4 hours and no egg sandwich....lol. got esandwich left and hit 2-5 one last tim to try recoup some profits. am now down like 2. i do good at 2-5 winl like 4plus and leave late to go home. but ended up bout -60 for trip countin food travel hotel. not too bad and then took 130 cab ride to onle be 15 mins late for work.

so basically what i learned from this is that i still am a sick degen with horrible bankroll mangement. my skill is good but i need more. i always see best qualities are bankroll management, game selection, and skill. ur skill goes into effect usong the other two.

so i am goin back tomorrow to jump on 2-5nl and try to win most of buy in for 1000+80 6max re-entry borgata open event. should be 200-240 entries and 50k min for first are my calculations and i like to underestimate those things.... will try to post some updates or link to blog if i get in....... and gunna try to keep up on b;log lil more while im active if everyone likes i will continue if not i do it sporadically. either way all good i know not many US players here but i would love to go outside US and grind pokerstars/full tilt series and tourns.... good luck all!!!!!!!!!!

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