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playing and my goals

been playin all types of poker games since forever. always liked stud games but all the money was always in no limit so i studied to become better and now i feel it is one of my better games. been playin tournaments more over last year or two and feel this is the best way to go given my goals and understandment of the game. goal is definite to be able to move outside u.s. and grind pokerstars and full tilt tournies and series and/or be able to grind live tournament series. preferrebly both.

i work full time nights and play when i can. i played a couple bigger buy in live tourns over last year and had some deep runs including starting a live borgata open event final table with the chip lead. 40k up top and i totally fucked up. was depressing and i realized it awhile after that it was due to straight up inexperience in that situation. 6th out of 482 is good but there is a big difference in 6th place pay and 1st place pay. now i have that experience and i am ready to start playin more bigger buy-in live tournies given the right structures, buy-ins, and fields when i can. borgata open is comin up in mid january, i am hoping to play the 1k 6max 150k guaranteed and maybe another event or two. we'll see how it goes.....

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