some updates and future events

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some updates and future events

so i didnt make it to he last few live events i wanted to play. weather and money issues but its all good. so many good live events everywhere!!!!! another time i will do a blog on game selection(tourn selection) to show how important and useful it is in making big tourn scores. think its a great topic. so ive been playin 1-2 locally been swingin hi now low. was hoping to play 560 borgata poker player series tourn but due to last 3 losin sessions thats not happening. i was right on the mark of people to play, 2 start days no reentry. first day 130 people tomorrow should be over 200 easy making a 200,000 prize pool min and 400 people. ist place 40k min my estimates  prolly more.

next week is the 1k tourn. i may jump in that if i jus chillax till friday and play and win. otherwise borgata wpt championchip series starts april 14th so i might just grind 1-2 fridays and build to play few events. made 2 deep runs in events there last year and i would really like to make a big score there this year. work sucks and thats it.

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