CG: what is your best result on 24hours?


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fwiw please add amount of tables/hours or amount of hands you played that day :)
341 days ago
CG: what is your best result on 24hours? + Join
Little funny story ... Played some 1/2 Live like 2 years ago maybe, in a Pool Club/ Illegal poker room in Kingston, West London ( that has been closed since obviously ) ... Went there for the first time and wanted to check out what was going on with a friend of mine ... They had this 60£ with a huge 10k£ Guaranteed, so we went on and played it ... I busted quite early ( As usual in live MTT's ) and started waiting for my friend ... After a while and out of boredom, I withdraw 200£ and played some cash game ( I was pretty broke at the time so 200£ was like shit loads of money for me ... ) After a couple of hours more or less, I had a 700£ stack in front of me, which was already pretty cool ! Was seriously crushing everyone ! ( Mainly some 60/70 years old Doyle Brunson wannabe ) But decided to stop on such a good profit and left the table ! Unfortunately, I hate waiting and my friend was still in the tournament ... So I decided to go back on that same table, but if I wanted to go back, I had to put back the whole 700£ on the table ... Never mind ! Not like I care about 700£ right ?! ( Sarcasm, I did care but I was feeling like a proper baller when the guy started spreading my money on the table so actually didn't care that much ) Some guy told me on the table it was a good thing I came back so they could take there money back from me, and told me that I won't last long, and all that crap about being a stupid kid, and I should have left while I was ahead bla bla bla all that crap ... So here I am again ... Grinding and grinding and crushing and crushing ... At the end of the night, my friend managed to chop the tourney 3 left for 650£, and I left the CG table with 1203£ exactly ! Kept the 3£ as a souvenir :) We were so freaking happy ! Considering it was our first time in there, we felt like Bonnie and Clyde robing the place and then just fly away like proper gangster :D And then they got caught a year later and closed ... Shame ... I would have loved to go back there ...

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