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362 days ago
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Hi everyone, I need help with strategy for a particular live SNG. The format is: 10-seats 25$ buy-in, unlimited rebuys for the first one hour 10.000 chips buy-in and re-buy First place:70% Second place: 30% Blinds @15min: 25/50 50/100 100/200 200/400 Rebuy ends 400/800 800/1600 1600/3200 3000/6000 Tournament ends (sometimes lasts till 6000/12000) So, after playing cca 100 of these tournaments I'm a little down, but have following: - biggest winner is a guy playing 99% of the hands - biggest looser is another guy that plays 99% of the hands My biggest problems: - I have 25-30 hands till rebuy closes and 25-30 hands till tournament end - 4-5 people are hyper aggro, and usually after rebuy closes they will have 5-6 rebuys and +40.000 in chips, while I'm under 20k - I'm trying to play a little tighter, but I keep ending up 3rd, blinded out - if I play more agressive its just pure coin flipping all the time, and I keep loosing out Does anyone have some specific advice because I'm completely lost? Can this type of game be beaten? Should I concentrate more on small number of rebuys or to play more aggressive? Any advice will be welcome.

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