Support #Serbia in these difficult times !!!


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The heaviest rainfall in almost 120 years has left areas of Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia devastated with a death toll steadily increasing and thousands of people evacuated from their homes with continued threat from rising river levels. With so many people from this area of the world relocated around the globe after the war, almost everyone knows someone connected to the European Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian region – a region that is presently in dire need of your help. Please help the countless people uprooted from their homes, and the thousands of volunteers, soldiers, police and fire-fighters that are struggling to save areas of both countries from further destruction whilst also working tirelessly to help those forced to evacuate their homes- many homes which have been damaged beyond repair. Your donation is a desperately needed to help house and provide for these brave people and help fund the repair of these areas. Your donation will help now and in future months when they may need help the most as they struggle to rebuild their lives and homes. Right now local military are deploying huge rescue teams for the thousands of people affected, with hundreds of people being cramped into small safe houses at a time. Death tolls can not be fully counted until the waters recede and the full extent of the damage is realized. Flood waters have completely submerged vast areas of towns and cities, some levels reaching 10 feet high. Families were forced out of their homes leaving behind all possessions both of value and perhaps equally or more painful, of sentiment. Babies, pregnant women and invalids are being helicoptered to safety. Even those homes away from the devastating waters have been affected with all electricity cut off as power plants, power cables and transformer stations have all been decimated. Local villagers are still in shock. “I think we’ll never be able to return to our village” “Only three houses survived, all others were buried, totally gone”. Please donate to help rebuild the lives of those affected by this tragedy. They need you more right now than you can imagine. Please spread the word. Send your donations to dexon303 nickcname on PS. I will forward your donations to 1003 SMS donation vulnerable. This network is included in the donation through SMS in Serbia.
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Support #Serbia in these difficult times !!! + Join
I believe you meant well dexon303 , because most of Serbian people I met were fair and honest. So I respect that you're are trying here. And (even though I am not a religious person) I think you know that you would burn in hell for using such a terrible disaster to make yourself some money!! However, people cannot just trust their money to some random guy they only know by a nickname through some social network. Therefore I am posting some info for all that are willing to help with the floods, which are really, really bad. Here's all you need to help Serbia with financial resources (paypal, wire transfer, visa, mastercard, american express): http://www.floodrelief.gov.rs/eng/ It's a government website, so it can be trusted 100%. I really hope that those who are capable of it, decide to help at least a little. Take care guys.

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