The Dumbest Way You Ever Spent $$$


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Sometimes the money in poker comes easy, which gives the young responsible grinders a way to spew-off throughout their early adulthood like total droolers. What about you?
80 days ago
The Dumbest Way You Ever Spent $$$ + Join
One year Gym subscription! In whole year my lazy ass was there maybe 5 times. Cocaine - that shit is really expensive and overall not worth the money, stopped using that crap couple of years ago. And yea - glasses - Ray Ban newest model! They were really expensive. It wouldn't be that bad if I hadn't lose them only couple of weeks after I bought them on Zrće beach...
82 days ago
The Dumbest Way You Ever Spent $$$ + Join
My first ever shot at NL200 4 years ago gotta be right up there. I was like "I finally moved up to where they should respect my raises" and like second orbit it in I bluffed off my whole stack in a limped pot w A9-high thinking these guys should be able to fold. Well, they werent able to fold a set, apparently.

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