Things to do before i kick the bucket...


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We know we're not here forever. But we can make the most of life while we can. Whether there's a hidden adventure lurking in your soul or a goal that's been rattling around in your brain, it may be time to tap into that desire.The list should consist of things you plan to attempt and want to reach for so that you leave behind the imprint you wanted to...
1032 days ago
Things to do before i kick the bucket... + Join
1.Become Supernova Elite 2. See the Pyramids 3. Climb or see mountain Everest 4. Swim with dolphins and whale 5. Fly a jet fighter airplane 6. Travel to all seven continents 7. Visit the Amazon for Aywaska sessions 8. Finish a triathlon 9. Stay in Thailand for more then 1 month 10. Fight a Muay Thai or Kick Box fight 11. Watch Isle of Man TT 12.Play Wsop Main Event or win a bracelet

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