What do u pkr plyrs think your role in society is?


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wtfgmon: Anyone who works only for money and does nothing for society, will be unhappy anyway, his soul will cry of pain
724 days ago
What do u pkr plyrs think your role in society is? + Join
I think its all the same doesnt matter whether I play poker , flip burgers in McD or be an architect. At the end of the day I still pay taxes, I shop and pay taxes on that. About poker is being immoral..... What is fair in life ??? Is walmart fair when they bankrupt small shops with their lower pirces? But you still go and shop there. Trading stock the same you get money on other people expenses. I can give you all a lot more exemples but you get the idea. So all in all NO I don Not feel bad about making money in poker and nor should you.

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