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Massive scores, cars, houses, travelling all over the world. That's just some of the stuff poker has brought to the lives of some of our members. But what about the other side? What was the LOWEST point of your poker career? Were you forced to find an actual job? Sell your beloved car? Did you get beat up after a live cash game? Bring it on!
194 days ago
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Last summer, I was sitting on 40k roll and playing 50abi MTTs, like there is no tomorrow. I started losing, lowered stakes still losing, lowering again and few times like this again. Suddenly I was on 4k, really scared of busting. I applied to a staking site and then...I was rejected. That hurt my ego, so I decided to work hard and grind like never before to show them, they made a mistake. Started grinding MTTsngs and after some winning sessions playing some micro/lowstakes MTTs. Now after 7 weeks I made profit almost 20k with no huge score. I got a lesson from BRM and this time I will not try to move up so fast.
205 days ago
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grinded a bankroll from 0-$5k in like 6weeks and was moving up limits nicely. playing long hours and studying hard then got drunk and degend it all off! gg
206 days ago
210 days ago
211 days ago
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It was not my lowest low, but lowest low of my poker career. I decided to go pro when grinding zoom100 and dedicating my whole life to the game (jan 2015). I was way ahead of the limit but the stuff I was daily working on I could not use in the game because it was so many levels above (it was just messing with my thinking process because I knew what I / they should do in theory and they were doing total bs). Since then which was like february 2015 I got the biggest downswing of my career (up to 80BI if i recall correctly through 4 months). My day was like this: wake up - analyze - grind - analyze - grind - go sleep so you could say that I was not holding back :) in mid-may I managed to ship first place in SN freeroll for nice money. since then I am playing NL200+ and been working on my game even more at the moment I am playing 400+ only, mostly zoom500 with ambition of playing high stakes in the future NEVER. GIVE. UP.

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